Tweets, Bailey Fights the Trolls, this is Schoolboy Stuff, dont understand, Why Bailey is Doing this? Its like a Circus?

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Ian Kenneth Bailey


So action packed Twitter the Nurd Turd JPArseholer seems to have got his foundation wear in a tangle…the Zenaphobic Onanist seems incapable of resisting my taunting winds ups…hahaha…JPee your a LANGER



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Your ‘wind ups’ come from that little masturbating grammar school failure who constantly wet his be (your poor old Mum) We do laugh at your lack of a sense of humour. Come on scrounger – meet me and teach me hahahaha

Ian Kenneth Bailey


So the identity of the two foul Throlls who failed to disrupt my poetic recitations at the West Cork Literary Festival can be revealed…the lumps are both from Co.Mayo. They are a Bernadette F and her horrendously ugly and grotesquely overweight and ugly friend Ruth N

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