Free Syria Media Hub tweets. Syria 2022. Death of a Nation, 600,000 dead; 1.8 million injured; 10 million refugees

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Syria Death of a Nation 600,000 Dead 1.8 Million injured 10 million refugees this is Syria 2022 support our work @

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Dmytro Kuleba


14th July 2022

Ukraine government official

While Accountability Conference in The Hague is underway led by


Russia commits another war crime. At least one child killed, among other victims of a missile strike on Vinnytsia. We will put Russian war criminals on trial for every drop of Ukrainian blood and tears.


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Ukrainska Pravda in English


Russians deploy insane amount of air defence to protect Crimean Bridge – Secretary of National Defence and Security Council Alona Mazurenko — Wednesday 13th July 2022.  23.48


Free Syria Media Hub Retweeted: Most disturbing Truth of war; you may prefer not to look at this tragedy.

Ukrainska Pravda in English


Rescue workers published a photo of a baby stroller from the site of a rocket attack on Vinnytsia. A small child was among those who died as a result of the impact #russiaisateroriststate #GenocideOfUkrainians 



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illia Ponomarenko 


Downtown Vinnytsya now. 2 dead (including a kid), 6 wounded in a Russian missile strike

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