Cameras everywhere, people know, Who the Thugs are? Chimpanzees, given a Uniform, would make Arrests here, faster then the Cops?

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Shocking video showing city centre brawl is probed by gardaí

 15th July 2022

Shocking footage of a vicious street brawl in Galway has gone viral after it was posted on social media.

The video that has been widely circulated online shows a number of men engaged in a running street battle in the city centre.

In the short video clip several men, some of them bare-chested, are seen punching and attacking each other.

Some are seen falling to the ground as others continue to kick and punch them.

In the first incident that is captured on camera, a man in a white tee-shirt is seen punching a man in a grey tracksuit.

Passing cars sound their horns as the melee spills put onto the street, where another man in a green tee-shirt appears to have been knocked out cold.

As the violence flairs, one bare-chested man is chased out onto the street where three men attack him as he lies the ground.

One man stands over his prone body and appears to be trying to protect the victim from further blows.

It has been reported that the fight that began in the Shop Street/Bridge Street area after midnight on Sunday night last had moved to the Prospect Hill area.

Three people were reportedly hospitalised following the incidents but were released later that morning.

According to the Galway City Tribune, gardaí are investigating.

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