Here we Go again, another Foreigner, Laundering Money; Walks out of a Irish Court Scott Free, and Laughing? Doing a Favour, my Arse?

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Money mule (22) allowed his account be used for cash transfer as ‘favour’

Bashir Oladipupo (22) was fined €1,000 at Dublin District Court

ATM machine. Stock image
ATM machine. Stock image

16th July 2022

A MONEY mule who let a fraudster use his credit union account to transfer €1,000 in crime proceeds “naively” thought he was just doing someone a favour, a court has heard.

Bashir Oladipupo (22) “loosely” knew the man when he agreed to the transfer and was caught on CCTV withdrawing the cash and handing it to him outside.

Oladipupo, a shop worker of Ellensborough Court, Tallaght, pleaded guilty to money laundering. Judge John Hughes fined him €1,000 at Dublin District Court and gave him four months to pay full compensation.

Detective Garda John Tuthill said that on April 2, 2020, €1,000 was lodged into Oladipupo’s account at Tallaght and District Credit Union.

The transfer was done through a debit card without the permission of the owner.

It was done over the phone but there was no suggestion Oladipupo made the call.

However, the accused went in and withdrew the money on the same day and was seen on CCTV outside the credit union handing it over.

The card owner contacted his bank, an investigation was launched and the accused was co-operative with gardaí. He had no previous convictions.

An unidentified person who Oladipupo “loosely knew” had asked for his account details so money could be transferred into it and the accused “didn’t think anything of it”, his barrister John Griffin said.

“He thought he was doing the right thing, obviously he wasn’t,” Mr Griffin said.

It was “not a very sophisticated operation” from his end and he thought the money was being transferred as a favour for someone. There was “an element of naivety” involved and a lot of the people prosecuted for these offences were at the lower end of the scale, Mr Griffin said.

Det Gda Tuthill said Oladipupo acted as a “facilitator”.

The accused had since been offered a job at a financial institution and Mr Griffin asked the judge to leave him without a conviction. He had €100 compensation in court and would get the full amount.

Judge Hughes said it was a serious matter and these cases with “money mule” accounts being used for nefarious purposes were becoming more common.

It was “somewhat ironic” that Oladipupo now had a job offer at a financial institution, the judge added.

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