Vicar Jeffs, must Sign the Sex Offender’s Register, after being Convicted in trying to perform a Sex Act, with Henry the Hoover?

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Vicar convicted after being caught in sex act with Henry Hoover

A witness saw the holy man wearing nothing but a pair of ‘ladies stockings’

Henry Hoover
Henry Hoover

Clodagh MeaneySunday World

15th July 2022

A vicar has been convicted after he was caught engaging in a sex act with a ‘Henry Hoover’ while wearing nothing but a pair of ‘ladies stockings’ in September 2020.

John Jeffs (74), who was working as a pastoral manager at Christian group ‘Parents Talking Aspergers’, was caught in the act in his office in at a baptist centre in Middleton Cheney, Northamptonshire.

A churchgoer found the retired vicar standing next to the vacuum cleaner, which was propped up between two chairs.

Northampton Magistrates’ Court heard that the holy man noticed the spectator but continued to perform the sex act because he was “feeling naughty”.

“Why you thought it best to bring this matter to trial, I have no idea,” a magistrate told the hearing.

His solicitor, Alistair Evans, said that the pensioner was in “a lot of pain” at the time of the incident because he was ignoring his health.

He also claimed his client’s diabetes was not being medicated.

Ellie Hutchinson, for the prosecution, said that in a police interview the defendant accepted that he was performing a sex act in a church but claimed he “did not know he would be seen.”

Jeffs, who previously had a clean record, was found guilty of indecent exposure and given an 18-month community order and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register.

He was also ordered to pay £845 (€995) in court costs and £200 (€235) in compensation to the person who witnessed the sex act.

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