Well Done, Jim Sheridan, the Monies, will Roll in Now?

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Jim Sheridan’s ‘Murder At The Cottage: The Search For Justice For Sophie’ Snapped Up In U.S. By Topic

July 13, 2022 6:00am

Jim Sheridan
Jim SheridanTopic

EXCLUSIVE: Exclusive on-demand rights to My Left Foot director Jim Sheridan’s Murder at the Cottage: The Search for Justice for Sophie have been snapped up by North American streamer Topic from NBCUniversal Global Distribution.

The Sky original is written, directed and narrated by Sheridan and sees the filmmaker search for answers about the violent murder of French woman, Sophie Toscan du Plantier, at her holiday home in the idyllic Irish countryside. In 2019, the key suspect, English journalist Ian Bailey – the first reporter on the scene – was found guilty in absentia by the French courts, yet was never found guilty in Ireland, owing to a lack of reliable evidence.

An Audible podcast about du Plantier, West Cork, also came out last year.

“As a filmmaker, many stories fascinate me, but this story compels me,” said Sheridan. “Two legal systems and two investigations by the French and the Irish found two very different conclusions. I wanted to understand how that could happen, to search for justice and to help uncover the truth.”

The first two episodes will premiere on First Look Entertainment-owned Topic on Thursday August 4 with a new episode released every Thursday over the following three weeks.

Sheridan is a six-time Academy Award-nominated filmmaker who has been behind My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father and In America.

Jennifer Liang, Vice President Programming Strategy, Acquisitions & Sales at Topic, negotiated the deal with NBCUniversal Global Distribution.

Earlier this month, Topic struck a deal with French distributor Newen Connect for a quartet of European thrillers, having recently narrowed focus to “elevated crime and suspense.”

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