Hannafin is one Dangerous Bastard, and in Jail, he Should be, this Feud, has the People in Longford, town living in Fear?

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Denis Hannifin

Organised crime boss behind vicious Longford feud sentenced following high-profile CAB raid

– 5h ago

Aleading figure behind a Longford-based organised crime gang who is currently in prison for stabbing another man in a vicious feud-related incident has been convicted of handling stolen property following a high-profile Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) raid two years ago.

Denis Hannifin of Curry, Athlone Road, Longford, was brought before a sitting of Longford District Court today charged with the possession of a stolen Lunar Cosmos caravan at Curry, Athlone Road, Longford on July 6, 2020.

That came after a huge CAB-led operation, backed up by local gardaí in July 2020, led to the seizure of cash totalling over €100,000, 11 vehicles, three caravans and designer watches, handbags and clothing.

The operation, which had been planned for weeks, saw 12 properties being searched, one of which included Hannifin’s home address at Curry, Athlone Road, Longford.

Hannifin, who sat motionless in the custody suite throughout this morning’s hearing, pleaded guilty to the incident.

Detective Sergeant Kenneth Holohan gave evidence of how CAB officers carried out a search of Hannifin’s home on the date in question before later arresting and charging the father of six under section 18 of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001.

It was also revealed the incident occurred while Hannifin was on bail.

Defence counsel, Andrea Callan BL, said her client had collected the stolen caravan from a ferry a week after it had been stolen in the UK.

She said the accused was instructed by his brother-in-law to take charge of the mobile home before selling it on as “part payment” for what he believed was a bona fide transaction.

Ms Callan said the Longford man had been co-operative with the CAB investigation which followed, insisting there was no mal-intent on her client’s part to profit from the incident.

Judge Bernadette Owens said given the caravan’s “very substantial value” and given how Hannifin was on bail at the time, there was an “even greater onus” on the accused to ensure all necessary checks were carried out.

She consequently sentenced him to two months in prison, directing the term to run concurrently to the prison sentence Hannifin is currently serving.

Hannifin was sentenced to a total of 52 months in jail in May, with eight suspended after causing serious injury to his second cousin Denis McGinley in December 2018.

He was convicted by a jury of assault, affray as well as possession and production of a knife at Longford Shopping Centre following a week-long trial in February.

The Longford man had pleaded not guilty to the incident after the pair became embroiled in a violent row inside the doors of the shopping centre, leaving his victim with life-changing mental and physical scars, including a 30cm wound to his chest.

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