VILE! Jeremy Clarkson savaged for taking ‘xenophobic’ swipe at Brexit. Source: Express

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VILE! Jeremy Clarkson savaged for taking ‘xenophobic’ swipe at Brexit

JEREMY CLARKSON sparked fury this weekend as he tweeted support for Britain remaining in the EU.

By Chloe Govan

07:49, Sat, Jul 23, 2022 | UPDATED: 10:21, Sat, Jul 23, 2022

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Jeremy Clarkson on being refused planning permission for farm

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Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson caused a political scandal to erupt on his Twitter page after tweeting of his affection for Britain’s part in the EU. Brexit supporters raged that Europeans should not be allowed to “take over the country”, while Jeremy insisted his feelings were “remainish”. 

The Clarkson’s Farm star has stated on his profile that he is a “voice of calm and reason”, but the atmosphere on his account was anything but that this weekend.

The debate began after Jeremy mused: “I’m on a boat in France with a Frenchman and his English girlfriend. My girlfriend is Irish. The skipper is Polish and his number two is Swedish.”

He then added in a phrase that would turn out to be a red rag to a bull: “I’m feeling very remainish.”

@RagTime6 hit back: “I am in a holiday cabin in England with my British wife and my British grandchildren. Feeling very Brexitish!”

Then @ImmuneNaturally exclaimed: “It’s no sin to have foreign friends but that doesnt mean you let them take over your country.”

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Jeremy Clarkson savaged Brexit remainer debate Twitter news latest

Jeremy Clarkson sparked outrage when he prompted a Brexit debate on Twitter (Image: ITV/GETTY)

Jeremy Clarkson savaged Brexit remainer debate Twitter news latest

Jeremy Clarkson is in the ‘remainer’ camp and retains loyalty to the EU (Image: GETTY)


Meanwhile @moorcraftjohn delivered a caustic swipe to Jeremy, telling him: “Careful. If Priti catches you on a boat you’ll be feeling Rwandaish!”

@itsgoodtobefre1 reasoned with him: “How would you feel if they set all the rules for your farm and restaurant but you never got the chance to vote for any of them?”

@scotty2642 added his belief that it was “impossible to justify the existence of the EU”, fearing that Europe would become a “single country”, devoid of identity.

He sternly admonished Jeremy: “I would never have thought someone of your intelligence and experience could miss the point by so very far.”

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