Kirchner, some Bluffing Gobshite, to leave Workers, with no Pay for 3 months; yet Nobody had a Clue, in Adare Manor, not even Bill Murray, Caddyshank?

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High-flying golfer left workers empty handed

24th July 2022

Among the celebrities and the world’s top golfers playing at the JP McManus Pro-Am at Adare Manor earlier this month was a little-known American executive who appears to have the makings of a WeWork-style documentary.

A Forbes investigation published this week on US entrepreneur Chris Kirchner, a former TV salesman at Best Buy who set up logistics software company, revealed he has been flying around the world on his private jet to play exclusive golf tournaments like the Pro-Am.

He also used it to make a collapsed bid for Derby County football club.

And all this despite the fact that his 100 or so employees back in the US were going without pay for almost two months. 

Forbes said Slync investors Goldman Sachs and Blumberg Capital, which had board seats and led funding rounds into Slync totalling $80m (€78m), took no action when executives were fired after raising concerns about the company to the board on three occasions.

Nor did they when they were told Slync’s revenue data didn’t add up.

Golf lover Kirchner was part of an amateur team paired with Pádraig Harrington. Talk about keeping up appearances.

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