#UkrainianCleanupsDubin #Clontarf Promenade. Meeting up on Saturday 30th July at 10:00…..

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Fred Bassett has a personal message:-

  • Thank you to the people of Ukraine involved in this gesture of goodwill.  Dublin has become a dirty city and is in need of people with appreciation to engage in a joint effort of having confidence and value of what is naturally available to us.  Ukrainians are in pain as a result of an invasion by Russian Federation of their sovereign country of 40+ million on 24th February 2022…To those who have escaped the warzone, we support you.


From Twitter today:

Ukrainian Action in Ireland:  @UkrainianAction  24th July 2022

Continuing #UkrainianCleanupsDublin – #ClontarfPromenade this time.

Meeting up on Saturday July 30th at 10:00 by the Sails Sculpture next to the bus stop on Alfie Byrne Road number 1741.  Meeting point on the map: goo.gl/maps/YgNPSAhSC…

Pls RSVP on FB fb.me/e/1rFSjarPV

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