Urban abandonments; urban derelictions are destroying the heart of Ireland. 166,000 potential homes are supposed to be vacant ie if the census is correct?

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unadunphy @unadunphy  24th July 2022

With significant amounts of groups following #DerelictIreland, it would be interesting to see where individual Councils are on this.  I suggest the following see if we can get a clearer picture as to which Councils are leading on #vacancy #dereliction or not! @VacanthomesIRL

Fred has something to say:

Citizen journalism highlighted this from 2003 onwards but thankfully Frank O’Connor and Jude Sherry have wheels in motion.  Search Urban abandonments and dereliction.  Royal City of Dublin hospital too.  Peter McVerry and his team are doing great work utilising Repair & Lease, longterm leasing from landlords who have rent increases every three years but the rent is at 80% of the market rate at the time the lease is activated.  I also highly recommend Dermot Lacey and Mannix Flynn for their knowledge and experience.

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