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The Odessa Journal  @Odessa_Journal   July 21


The Odessa Journal 


16th July 2022

Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka, painted just after the artist arrived in the #US and it evokes the hardships of war in #Europe #WarArt #refugees



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Gas TSO of Ukraine 


25th July 2022

#NordStream = #MordStream “Whatever Russia has lost by limiting gas supplies, it has gained in soaring prices. These prices have been pushed up, to a large extent, by Russia’s own energy weaponization tactics” –




Putin’s energy weapon: Europe can disconnnect from Russia’s gas supplies sooner than some would suggest providing it mobilizes the…


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The New York Times


Ukrainian soldiers and civilians were holed up in a Mariupol steel factory for 80 days. They were low on food and weapons. They were surrounded by Russian forces and on the verge of annihilation. Their story of battle and endurance has now become legend.

By May, after months
                                    of battle, the Azovstal Iron and
                                    Steel Works was a charred skeleton. Last Stand at Azovstal:  Inside the Siege That Shaped the Ukraine War For 80 days, at a sprawling  steelworks, a relentless Russian assault met unyielding Ukrainian resistance.  This is how it was for those who…. ==============


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Igor Sushko


Ukrainian children are being indoctrinated by force into “#Putin‘s Youth” in occupied Kherson and other regions in #Ukraine. Source: Ukrainian Military Intelligence. 21% of Ukraine is occupied by fascist Russia, 126,610 km2: equivalent to Austria & Netherlands combined.


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