Tory membership High Court bid to reverse Boris coup will happen ‘IN DAYS’ say campaigners. Source: Daily Express

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Tory membership High Court bid to reverse Boris coup will happen ‘IN DAYS’ say campaigners

A LEGAL bid to allow Tory members to keep Boris Johnson in Downing Street could be decided on in just two days, campaigners have revealed.

By David Maddox Political Editor

12:25, Mon, Jul 25, 2022 | UPDATED: 14:53, Mon, Jul 25, 2022

Bannerman calls for Boris Johnson to be on PM ballot

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The revelation comes as party bosses are facing a revolution by Conservative members over Mr Johnson being forced out amid growing discontent over the centralised control of the party.petition among Conservative Party members demanding they get a vote in keeping Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader has passed 10,000 – an estimated one in 12 of the party membership. The campaign is being led by Lord Cruddas, a former director of Vote Leave, Conservative Party donor and successful businessman who started off as a milkman.

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According to David Campbell Bannerman, a founder of the Boris Ballot Group, hopes are high that members will be given a chance to reverse the “coup” by Tory MPs against a leader who less than three years ago won a mandate from 14 million British voters.

He told that the campaign to give members a vote had recruited a “top QC”.

He said: “There are good grounds for a legal challenge I understand. We’ll know more in a couple of days.”

While official party lists suggest there are 160,000 members of the party, estimates suggest this has fallen to 120,000.

Boris Johnson

There could be a High Court challenge to bring back Boris (Image: GETTY)

Have your say: Do you want Boris to return as PM and ban Truss/Sunak rule?

Boris Johnson supporters have added even more names to a petition demanding he is added to the ballot, as calls to block Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss’ Tory leadership bids grow.

But do you think Boris should return as PM and ban Truss/Sunak rule? Have your say HERE.

And with more than 10,000 signing the petition to reverse Mr Johnson’s forced resignation, the campaign group is confident it can force a new vote.

Mr Campbell Bannerman, a former MEP who also helped found the Campaign for Conservative Democracy to restore power to members in the party, said: “It is a big proportion either way!”

He also admitted that they will be looking for further action at the party conference in October but at the moment are prioritising the legal challenge.

“We haven’t thought ahead to the conference yet. We’re obviously trying to get the process sorted in time to get Boris considered.”

Yesterday Lord Cruddas teased campaigners with a Tweet suggesting that a major challenge will be formally coming next week.

He Tweeted: “Some big news coming next week for the Boris on the ballot campaign. Stay tuned.”

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