Russia humiliated as ‘latest US rocket bombardment’ paralysing Vladimir Putin’s military. Source: Daily Express

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Russia humiliated as ‘latest US rocket bombardment’ paralysing Vladimir Putin’s military

VLADIMIR Putin is experiencing fresh fears over US military aid as Russian armed forces are devastated in a series of precision attacks, a former Navy chief warned.

By Leia Paxton

10:36, Wed, Jul 27, 2022 | UPDATED: 10:37, Wed, Jul 27, 2022

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US rocket supply impacting on Russian war effort says expert

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  • Moscow’s military has come under renewed assault from advanced American military technology provided to the Ukrainian defence. Highly accurate US rocket systems have targeted the Kremlin’s invading forces as Russia grapples to expand the conflict in the east beyond the Donbas region. Former Navy Chief Admiral Lord Alan West confirmed US weapons had compromised Russian military strategy with Moscow struggling to sustain supplies of modern equipment to the frontline.

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Speaking to Times Radio, Admiral Lord West said: “There’s no doubt that the latest US rocket bombardment that they’re given the Ukrainians is having an impact on the Russians.

  • “It’s highly accurate, it’s taking out Russian fuel dumps and it’s having an impact on the fighting. 
  • “I don’t believe it will stop the Russians grinding down Ukraine in the Donbas region but, my goodness, it’s making life a lot more difficult for them.”

On Friday, the US Bureau of Global Public Affairs confirmed a renewed supply of military assistance to the Ukrainian defence in the 16th drawdown of American support.

Lord West

Lord West highlighted Russian fears over new US military provision to Ukraine (Image: GETTY)

Blinken US

Antony Blinken confirmed the US would expand the military aid programme to Ukraine (Image: GETTY)

The new package of advanced equipment totals an estimated $175 million in arms and equipment to bolster President Zelensky’s armed forces.

In a press statement, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said: “Today’s announcement includes more HIMARS advanced rocket systems and other weapons that Ukrainians are using so effectively on the battlefield to defend their country.

“This drawdown, combined with an additional $95 million announced separately today under the Department of Defence’s Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, will bring total US military assistance to Ukraine to approximately $8.2 billion since the beginning of this Administration.”

Under the Department of Defence’s initiative, the US is also set to provide Ukraine with up to 580 Phoenix Ghost Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems.

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President Zelesnky thanked the US for providing advanced weapons systems (Image: GETTY)


Russian military forces have been depleted after a series of precision attacks using US weapons (Image: GETTY)

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