Decent Cops, Won the Respect of the Victim here, but Moody, still had Support, up to the Day, of being Jailed, not Good to Hear? Strange thing is, Nothing on Moody’s Background. Blank? Was Evil, married before, any other Victims out there, and many more Questions, No Answers?

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‘While trying to destroy my life, he actually destroyed his own’ – survivor of ex-garda Paul Moody’s ‘vile’ campaign of coercive control

Paul Moody arriving at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for his sentence hearing. Picture: Collins Courts

Paul Moody arriving at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for his sentence hearing. Picture: Collins Courts

July 27 2022 09:54 PM

The survivor of former garda Paul Moody’s ‘vile’ campaign of coercive control has said “while trying to destroy my life, he actually destroyed his own” in an interview this afternoon.

The 43-year-old survivor, ‘Nicola’, who wished to keep her identity private, spoke to RTÉ News and said a number of people continued to support Moody during the criminal process. 

The former garda was yesterday jailed for three years and three months for coercive control.

He was caught after he made a complaint about one of the woman’s family members and handed in his phone as part of the investigation. 

Detectives from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation then realised the crimes and approached the woman, who was his former partner. 

“He tried to lie and come after a member of my family with false evidence,” the woman told RTÉ. 

“He handed his own phone in and they came to me and said ‘Nicola, we know what he’s doing to you’.

“While trying to destroy my life, he actually destroyed his own.

“No one deserves to get away with treating anyone like this. No other human being should treat another human being this way.

“It’s cruel and beyond evil,” she added.

The survivor said the gardaí who investigated Moody were “amazing”. 

“If I could pick such a team, that’s who I would have picked,” she said.

“They gave me back my faith in An Garda Síochána”.

The woman said she didn’t think her former partner would be jailed because he was a guard. 

“Because he was a garda, he knew the law. He used it and twisted it in every way he could. He was so clever,” she said.

The woman previously told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court how Moody told her the only reason he had visited her while in hospital was to “watch you bleed to death”.

She was giving her victim impact statement in the sentence hearing of the 42-year-old man who harassed, threatened, assaulted, stole from and controlled the woman for over four years after they met online in 2017.

The court heard that the man sent the woman over 30,000 messages over those years and in one 14-hour period, in July 2018, sent her 652 messages, amounting to one message every 90 seconds.

The messages were described in court as threatening, vile and abusive. In one message he described her as being “riddled with cancer”, in another, while she was on holiday without him, he said he hoped she would “get raped and bleed”.

In another, after they had a row while on holiday together, he messaged her the following morning and said she was “flaunting your body around the pool” calling her a “dirtbox” and a “scumbag”.

The man threatened to stick a knife in her in one voice message. He also took photos of her naked, unbeknownst to her and threatened to post them online.

The woman today said that she wants to be recognised as a survivor of Moody and of cancer, and that she wants to encourage other victims to come forward. 

“I now need time to concentrate on my health and my recovery,” she added.

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