This Finglas Feud, has been going a few years now, and Gardai know, Exactly the Main Drug Thugs. Question is? It is Alleged, by some Decent Gardai, that certain Rogues within the Force, are on the Payroll of Dealers, that being Said, for a number of Years now.

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Cartel drug dealer grabbed by throat and told to ‘back off’

A member of the armed support unit on Foley Street in Dublin. Picture credit; Damien Eagers

A member of the armed support unit on Foley Street in Dublin

February 11 2017 06:41 PM

A 24-year-old drug dealer, who has become the new kingpin for the Kinahan cartel in a major patch of north Dublin, has been warned to “back off” by a very close associate of a notorious criminal.

Tensions are high in the suburb of Finglas after the young dealer, who has a penchant for designer clothes, was warned and grabbed by the throat by a pal of convicted criminal Wayne Bradley.

The face-off followed an incident last year, in which the drugs trafficker targeted Bradley, also in the Finglas area.

“We won’t be listening to you, we will do what we want and we will go where we want,” Bradley’s associate is alleged to have told the up-and-coming thug.

Neither man can be named for legal reasons and the incident was not reported to gardai.

Gardai are aware of an incident before Christmas, in which the Kinahan-aligned dealer threw an object, believed to be a rock, at an SUV vehicle that was occupied by Bradley.

It is not believed that anyone was injured in the incident, but sources say that the dealer’s motivation was to show Bradley “who was the boss of the area”, even though Bradley is not suspected of involvement in the local drugs trade.

In fact, Bradley (37) “has been keeping his head down” since being released from Portlaoise Prison in December 2015.

He served a five-year jail sentence for his role as a look-out during a 2007 raid on a Tesco store in Celbridge, under the direction of slain gang boss Eamon Dunne, while his older brother Alan – nicknamed ‘Fatpuss’ – served a six-and-a-half-year sentence and was released last year.

The Bradley vehicle attack is not the only violent incident linked to the drugs trafficker in recent months. He is also suspected of shooting up the car of a woman in Finglas as part of a different dispute.

Sources say that the thug likes to flaunt his wealth and has been regularly observed wearing trainers worth more than €300, as well as expensive designer clothes.

He has a core network of at least 20 loyal associates, all of whom are regularly stopped and searched by gardai.

The force’s heavily armed Emergency Response Unit (ERU) has been involved in a number of raids targeting the gang and has observed bulletproof windows and doors in many of the rented north Dublin properties connected to the mob.

Despite all the garda activity against him in recent months, the major drugs trafficker has so far managed to evade serious charges.

He has taken over a drug dealing patch belonging to one of his closest associates, who fled the country months ago.

The on-the-run thug’s home has been raided and he has been arrested and questioned about the murder of Eddie Hutch Snr in Dublin’s north inner city last February 8.

Business has been booming in his absence, however, because of the activities of his younger associate.

The 24-year-old criminal is also a close friend of a notorious hitman from Cabra, who is also linked to a number of feud murders.

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