Nicola, who had her Calls to Irishtown Garda Station, Diverted to Thug Moody, Name and Charge this Garda at Irishtown Who Diverted the Calls, also Name and Shame the Bitch of a Social Worker, Who Supported Moody, to the End? Sack the Devious Social Worker Devil?

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Paul Moody’s ex-girlfriend speaks out following his campaign of torture

 29th July 2022

A woman who suffered a years-long campaign of terror at the hands of Garda Paul Moody has said that his abuse was ‘cruel and beyond evil’.

Terminally ill ‘Nicola’ has described how Moody taunted her about her cancer and checked confidential information about her using the Garda computer system. Her comments came as gardaí continue to investigate her claim that she called Moody’s superior officer at Irishtown Garda Station only to have someone divert the call to Moody.

Moody was jailed on Tuesday for three years and three months for his campaign of hate and intimidation.

‘Nicola’, 43, who does not want her true identity to become public, was sharply critical of a social worker who she said did not believe her story, along with friends of the now ex-garda who continued to give him support after he was charged and later pleaded guilty.

©Paul Moody arriving at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for his sentence hearing. Pic: Collins Courts

She said that Moody’s horrific campaign has finally come back to haunt him, remarking: ‘While trying to destroy my life, he actually destroyed his own.

‘He tried to lie and come after a member of my family with false evidence,’ Nicola said. While she said that Moody, 42, had managed to intercept her desperate call to Irishtown Garda Station.

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