Now we have the Carpenter, sending Death Threats, hopefully, he gets to be, Garda Moody’s Cellmate, so much in Common?

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Carpenter told ex-partner: ‘I hope you get cancer and die’

Man admits to multiple breaches of safety order at Swords District Court

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July 28 2022 06:30 AM

A carpenter who left a voice message for his ex-partner saying he hoped “she gets cancer and dies” has been jailed for 14 months.

The 35-year-old also told his former partner he would “break her f***ing neck” and “you’re a f***ing c**t” in a string of abusive Whatsapp voice messages he sent her over an 11-month period.

  • In a victim impact statement, the woman said she had not had “one minute’s peace” since the pair had separated. She said her ex-boyfriend’s behaviour had an enormous impact on her well-being and mental health, and she felt under constant threat.

She said his behaviour had affected everyone in her family, and that her father had stopped travelling for work as he wanted to be around to keep her safe.

Judge John O’Leary said he took a serious view of the charges as he imposed a sentence of 14 months at Swords District Court.

The defendant admitted multiple breaches of a safety order on dates between April 2019 and March 2020.

Garda Roisin Fitzmaurice told the court the defendant sent a voice message on April 7, 2019 which said “I hope you get cancer and die”.

A voice message sent on April 16, 2019 said “sh*t’s going to get dangerous and real bad”.

Another message that same day said “I’ll break your f***ing neck and all”.

A voice message on April 17, 2019 said: “I’m f***ing ugly. Ring me back and give me my daughter”, while a second one that day said “you’re a f***ing c**t”.

A third message said: “I’ve had enough of this. There’s going to be absolute f***ing murder. You’re nothing but f***ing f***ing serious. This is going to get might trouble, that’s all you are”.

Defence solicitor Morgan Redmond said the defendant and his partner’s break-up was acrimonious and relations were “toxic” between them. His client was drinking and in “a bad place” at the time of the messages.

The court heard the man was no longer drinking and had not had any contact with his ex-partner since March 2020.

Addressing the court, the defendant said he was “ashamed at what he had done” and wished to apologise for his behaviour.

He said the messages were sent in frustration over not seeing his daughter and “things got out of control”.

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