I am Shocked, Bulgarian Conev, does not have a House, given that he is here in Ireland 1 Year, and has a nice Welfare Salary? No Conviction, like, it Never Happened.

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Drunk found banging head on bus stop and shouting obscenities ‘at nobody in particular’

 31st July 2022

A DRUNKEN man found banging his head against a bus stop and shouting obscenities was “at sea” in Ireland, a court heard.

Conka Conev (58) was arrested for his behaviour as he waited for a bus in central Dublin.

Judge Treasa Kelly applied the Probation Act, leaving him without a criminal record.

Conev, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to public intoxication and threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

Dublin District Court heard gardaí were on duty at Camden Street on May 9 when they found Conev intoxicated and banging his head off a bus stop.

He was also shouting obscenities but “not at anyone in particular,” a garda said.

Conev was a Bulgarian national who came here a year ago and found himself living on the streets, his lawyer said.

He had no income, had no family back in Bulgaria and “seems to be at sea,” the lawyer said.

It was not clear why he came here other than trying to improve a bad situation, he said.

The accused was sorry and ashamed and his lawyer asked the judge to take account of the fact that it was “not the worst case.”

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