A plea to the people; there is no merit to Ukrainian war fatigue; weaponisation of supplies of oil to a dependent Europe is a harsh reality as we see inflation rise to levels caused by OPEC in 1970’s; there is weaponisation of food which will no doubt see poor, often war stricken, countries reduced to famine, starvation and Suffering. Russia made the plan, it is the instigator who has threatened nuclear, they have miniature atomic bombs 1 tenth size of bomb that destroyed Nagasaki. Please watch this short video from Ukraine; share with your children, friends and people in general. We have access to world affairs in real time yet people are in denial or just too lazy to be concerned. For what lies ahead … we should be afraid. As Jonathan Swift said centuries ago “Give vision to the visionless”. Greedy Russia waited and watched Containment by NATO; Putin told the WEST to stop. Yet Germany thought that an ex KGB man who had spent his time in Dresden and who knew Angela Merkel could be trusted. See Diagram. Yes let the fools run and he did….

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MFA of Ukraine 


31st July 2022

Ukraine government organization


#Ukraine is one of the largest grain exporters. Due to the Russian invasion, the #Ukrainian harvest is under threat. While #Russia is blackmailing the world with hunger, we are trying to prevent a global food crisis.” #Ukraine4FoodSecurity #RussiaHungerGames

See below:

Mike Hudema


31st July 2022

Reminder: Russia can only afford to fight this war because of oil and gas. It’s biggest weapon against Europe is cutting off supplies of oil and gas. Time to go renewable. #ActOnClimate #StandWithUkraine #climate #energy #NoWarNoWarming #GreenNewDeal

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