Putin ‘eating handily’ into Moscow reserves as Russia on brink of humiliating collapse. Source: Daily Briefing

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Putin ‘eating handily’ into Moscow reserves as Russia on brink of humiliating collapse

PUTIN is suffering financially because of Russia’s reserves being depleted by his failed attempts to take over Ukraine, claimed expert Jeffrey Sonnenfeld as he predicted that Russia is on the brink of a humiliating collapse.

By Ebun Hargrave

10:23, Tue, Aug 2, 2022 | UPDATED: 10:23, Tue, Aug 2, 2022

Putin ‘eating handily’ into Russian reserves to prop up country

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Mr Sonnenfeld explained that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin had around $600 billion in reserves that he was already eating into, the American author then went on to claim that Putin had already eaten into a third of that fund since the beginning of his illegal invasion of Ukraine. Mr Sonnenfeld then went on to explain 300 billion Rubles frozen by the West could be used to rebuild Ukraine. He then went on to predict that Russians could survive for up to two years under strict sanctions.

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Mr Sonnenfeld told Times Radio: “He’s got about $600 billion in reserves right now, his sort of rainy day fund, his surplus.

“But he’s eating into that handily, they’ve drawn down about a third of it since the start of the war, and half of that is pretty much held in check.

“So because it’s been frozen by the West and hopefully that $300 billion will be reallocated to Ukraine for its rebuilding.

“So it depends how much he ramps up the war effort, for example, that would drive him.

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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Putin’s economic plans questioned (Image: FOX 26/Getty)


Aftermath of Russian attack (Image: Getty)

Mr Sonnenfeld added: “Right now he could perhaps survive with tremendous hardships for two years or so, with well-done sanction with business exits.

  • “In Romania with Nicolae Ceausescu, with Jaruzelski in Poland, they do work, they can work but they have to be done comprehensively.

“So what was a critical event this week was that EU stood together despite all the cynics on the sidelines they stood together for 15% rationing of gas, that’s perfect.

“It’s just what they needed to do and Putin didn’t see that coming.”

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Russia: UK Ministry of Defence stands with Ukraine

Western Governments have been imposing tough financial sanctions on Russia since the beginning of the onslaught in order to slow Putin’s war machine.

Many experts have been pushing for the West to do more by imposing no-fly zones, and by putting NATO boots on the ground.

And European countries have been boycotting Russian gas in order to stop funding Putin, countries like France are trying to utilize their own energy reserves.

  •  Victoria Vyshnivska of the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission explained that Russia is actually more dependent on European countries buying gas than Europe is reliant on Russia.

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