The Cartel and its Members, feel the Heat of the Americans, More to Come?

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MTK sack legal team in $2m racketeering case against company and Daniel Kinahan

Confirmation was filed by lawyer Michael V Mancini before the United State District Court for California ahead of a scheduled hearing on September 2nd

Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan

3rd August 2022

THE now defunct boxing company, co-founded by sanctioned cartel boss Daniel Kinahan, has sacked its legal team in a $US2million civil racketeering case in California.

Confirmation was filed by lawyer Michael V Mancini before the United State District Court for California ahead of a scheduled hearing on September 2 where he will formally seek to ‘be relieved as counsel to defendant MTK Global USA.’

Lawyers representing boxing manager Moses Heredia are suing Kinahan and boxing promoters MTK Global for US$2 million over the alleged poaching of boxer JoJo Diaz.

  • Former marine Eric Montalvo, acting for Heredia, has alleged in court filings that “MTK was co-founded and is part owned and controlled by Mr Daniel Kinahan, a noted member of Ireland’s notorious Kinahan Cartel, also known as the Kinahan Organised Crime Group or KOCG.
  • “The KOCG is allegedly responsible for several murders, drug trafficking and money laundering,” he alleged.
  • “The KOCG is one of Europe’s biggest drug cartels. Law enforcement experts believe that Mr Daniel Kinahan started MTK to launder ill-gotten gains from drug trafficking.”

Mr Montalvo further accused MTK and Kinahan of breaching the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (RICO) Act by using money derived from organised crime activity.

The Rico Act was introduced by the federal government to tackle organised crime, but it can also be used in civil suits.

In a signed declaration, Mr. Mancini stated: “MTK USA terminated the services of and discharged Mancini Shenk LLP and its attorneys, including Michael V Mancini and Peter J Most (collectively MSLLP).

“Accordingly, Rule 1.16 (a) 4 of the California Rules of Professional Conduct requires MSLLP to withdraw from this representation.”

Mr. Mancini said his company has made MTK aware of the consequences of the development saying the company had “provided MTK USA with written notice of the consequences of being unable to appear in this action.”

  • Mr. Mancini further stated that he had informed all relevant counsel of his motion to withdraw as legal counsel to MTK including lawyers for Daniel Kinahan.

“Counsel to Daniel Kinahan did not object,” he said, “but informed MSLLP that they are no longer counsel to Mr. Kinahan.”

Kinahan has been represented in the multi-million racketeering case by California-based law firm Liang Ly LLP, who are experienced in litigating issues involving the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (‘RICO Act’).

On April 22, Kinahan’s lawyer Jason Liang filed a first-person declaration from Kinahan and succeeded in having a ‘default’ – which was entered in the case against Kinahan for failing to reply to a court summons – overturned.

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