What the Fuck, is really Going on, in Irish Courts, another Foreigner, Steals, yet, No Conviction; Walks out of the Courts, Miguelwna from Spain? Yes you have it right he Likes his Designers?

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Accountant (36) stole clothes from Arnotts in ‘moment of madness’

2nd August 2022

AN accountant had a “moment of madness” when he shoplifted hundreds of euros worth of designer clothes that he could have afforded to buy.

Alvaro Miguelena (36) was suffering from sleep loss due to back pain and was at “a low ebb” when he carried out two “irrational” thefts in the same store.

Miguelena, from Spain and living at Frederick Street North, Dublin 1 pleaded guilty.

Judge John Brennan struck the case out, leaving him without a criminal record.

Dublin District Court heard that last June 7, gardaí took a report that items had been stolen at Arnotts, Henry Street that day and on May 9.

The value of the clothing taken was €570 and €120.

Miguelena had taken items from the shelf and entered the changing rooms.

He was seen leaving with no items of clothing and security staff found only tags in the changing room after he left.

When he was stopped, the clothing was in his backpack. Only the items taken on June 7 were recovered.

He had no previous convictions.

The accused was “into designer stuff”, Judge Brennan noted.

Miguelena was working full-time was “at a loss” to understand why he did what he did.

He had brought €600 to court in compensation for the outstanding items.

Judge Brennan said the accused could have paid for the goods and he supposed it was a moment of madness on his part.

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