Another Sex Pervert, BBC Again, Remember Jimmy Saville?

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BBC presenter John Caine sexually assaulted teen boy after luring him to studios with backstage pass

  • 16:43, 3 Aug 2022

A BBC presenter has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a teen boy after luring him into the studios with a backstage pass in the 1970s. 

Radio host John Caine, 69, impressed the lad with his sports car and broadcasting job before attacking him as they drove home, a court heard. 

John Cain sexually assaulted a teen boy after luring him to his studios in the 1970s
John Cain sexually assaulted a teen boy after luring him to his studios in the 1970sCredit: MEN Media

He also performed a sex act on the boy, from Flintshire, North Wales, while an unidentified man held him down, the court was told.

In an impact statement, the victim said: “These incidents have effectively split my life into two parts – the one that existed before they took place and the one that I’ve endured ever since.

“I feel that I have never returned to the person that I was or became the person I would or could have been had these things not happened.”

The lad was invited to the studio at BBC Merseyside because he had an interest in broadcasting. 

Caine used the visits to grope the boy over his clothing on separate occasions while driving home from the radio station.

Caernarfon Crown Court heard none of the attacks happened whilst on BBC property.

The court heard Caine was convicted of similar offences against teen boys at a court in Manchester over 20 years ago.

Defending Simon Mintz said Caine had been running a bed and breakfast in the Welsh countryside since the “destruction” of his broadcasting career.

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