Brexit LIVE: EU throws Ireland under bus in £67m fishing stitch up – boats face scrapheap. Source: EXPRESS Daily Briefing

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Brexit LIVE: EU throws Ireland under bus in £67m fishing stitch up – boats face scrapheap

THE EUROPEAN UNION has thrown Ireland’s fishing industry ‘under a bus’ in a £67million stitch up.

By Aliss HighamAlessandra Scotto di Santolo

20:19, Wed, Aug 3, 2022 | UPDATED: 20:21, Wed, Aug 3, 2022

Rees-Mogg stumbles through Brexit defence

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Brussels wants Irish fishermen to stop commercial fishing and to scrap their vessels. The EU is offering them compensation from a pot totalling £67million (€80million). The move prompted a backlash online with pro-Brexit, Scots for Leave tweeting: “EU Commission to Irish fishermen: here’s some money, how about scrapping your trawlers (and licences, quotas too)? Especially now the EU has cut their quotas, so there’s plenty for other EU boats after Brexit. The EU’s got form here… think for example of the grubbing up of UK orchards, so the French could sell us more Golden Delicious apples. A taste of EU reality for the newly pro-EU Sinn Fein, who aren’t happy about the scrappage scheme.”


Ursula von der Leyen

The EU wants Irish fishermen to scrap their vessels (Image: GETTY)

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