Another Foreigner, up on Serious, Assault Charges?

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Man was ‘assaulted in kitchen’ by flatmate

Blanchardstown District Court

Blanchardstown District Court

August 04 2022 07:57 AM

A man is alleged to have left his housemate bloodied and bruised after he assaulted him during an argument in the kitchen, a court has heard.

Gari Gojan (43) allegedly left the victim with injuries to his eyes, cheek and nose following the assault.

Judge Gerard Jones accepted jurisdiction to deal with the case in the district court and set a trial date in June 2023.

The accused is charged with seriously assaulting a housemate at Lutttrellstown Park Court, Castleknock on October 25 last year.

Sergeant Maria Callaghan told Blanchardstown District Court that the DPP had directed summary trial in the district court on the charge, where the penalties upon conviction are less severe.

Outlining the allegation for jurisdiction purposes, Sgt Callaghan alleged the victim reported to gardaí he had been assaulted by a housemate.

Sgt Callaghan claimed the victim was left bloody and bruised, and had facial injuries, including injuries to his eyes, check and nose.

The victim went to hospital and sought treatment for his injuries, the sergeant added.

The judge said he would accept jurisdiction to deal with the charge, and he adjourned the case for hearing.

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