Englishman Bailey, back in the News, Bailey Loves the Attention, a Media Junkie, but people have Verbal Rows Daily, they Dont Run, to the Gardai, they Handle it, Logically, not Ian, it must get Media Coverage? Good luck Ian?

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Ian Kenneth Bailey


So Friends, fans and followers last Sunday at Schull Market I was audibly abused in the most crude terms by a Johny Cum Lately market trader. it was offensive and upsetting.Abuse in a public place is a criminal offence in Ireland so I have made a formal complaint to AGS about JP

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Sinead questions Ian Bailey as they eat lunch in Cork

Ian Bailey files Garda complaint over ‘verbal assault’ at West Cork market

August 3rd 2022 16:03

Ian Bailey says he was the victim of “a verbal and offensive tirade” in Schull Country Market last Sunday. He told Cork Beo he has since lodged a formal complaint to the Gardaí over the incident.

Bailey said he was ‘shocked’ when he realised that he was being shouted at, telling Cork Beo: “I was in the market Sunday last, when I became aware that I was being verbally abused.”

The former journalist said that the issue was not just about his own personal feelings – but that he was taking a stand against this kind of behaviour and letting people know he will not put up with it.

“I am just sending out a message I will not tolerate abuse,” he said.

Bailey said this type of behaviour is something he is used to from people online through social media, and that he’s normally able to ignore it. He described it as an extremely rare occurrence for it to happen in such a public place. He is a relatively visible presence in West Cork and is regularly seen at local farmers’ markets.

Bailey has seen his own profile rise again recently as the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier has been the subject of two major documentaries and a globally popular podcast. He has always vehemently denied any involvement in the murder.

The West Cork resident was convicted for the murder in his absence in a French court but has successfully fought any attempts by the French authorities to extradite him.

He’s always maintained his innocence and had written to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris recently asking that the case be looked at again.

Bailey is currently waiting for Gardaí to investigate whether or not the person he says abused him at the weekend has broken the law. He says he will consider his possible further action once his complaint has been dealt with by the Gardai.

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