Amnesty have taken a position about Ukraine: Ukraine do not agree with Amnesty, Fred suggests you check out the links on and make your own decision. Stalin tried to obliterate Ukraine; Putin is of the same ilk, this time the West is awake. In the 1930 man made Famine created by Stalin in Ukraine, they denied the Truth. Ukrainian people starved to death as the world devoured their grain. Below … Church shows us the culture.

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6th July 2022

In the Volodymyrskyi Cathedral in #Kyiv, people bid farewell to the Hero of #Ukraine and general director of the agricultural company “Nibulon” Oleksii Vadaturskyi and his wife. They died on July 31 as a result of shelling of #Mykolaiv.




Twitter has blocked Russia’s propaganda resource RIA Novosti in 27 countries of the European Union and Great Britain:




Christopher Atwood answers whether Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine:

Christopher Atwood – Is Russia committing genocide in Ukraine? |…

In this episode of the Explaining Ukraine podcast, Ukraine World asks whether Russian actions in Ukraine, such as the Olenivka torture




Why Ukraine’s Security is key for Europe:

Why Ukraine’s Security Is Key For Europe

Why is Ukraine’s security key for Europe and the world? What is a wider picture of the Kremlin

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Stratcom Centre UA


Russian foreign policy resembles blackmail. Russia fears and respects strong opponents. In order to deal with it, one needs strength and confidence. When the countries of the Free World unite to withstand Russia, the Kremlin withdraws. #StopRussiaNOW #StandWithUkraine️


Business Ukraine mag


RUSSIAN ECOCIDE IN UKRAINE: alongside the staggering human and economic toll of Putin’s war, Ukraine is also facing an ecological crisis with the country’s forests particularly at risk, writes Yehor Hrynyk Russia’s invasion is putting the future of Ukraine’s forests at risk As the Russian invasion approaches the six-month mark, Ukraine’s forests are facing the twin threats of frontline wildfires and wartime emergency economic measures that could lead to a disastrous…

Business Ukraine mag


Yaroslav Trofimov


As teachers in Russian-occupied south Ukraine refuse to collaborate, Moscow commentator says they should all be imprisoned “in a Zaporizhzhia Gulag under the baking sun until they learn how to love the Fatherland.” Also suggests executing family members of Ukrainians who resist.




Ukraine has already confiscated 28 billion hryvnias worth of Russian assets According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, it is also proposed to confiscate more than 900 facilities belonging to Russia. All this will be used to compensate for the damage caused by Russia’s war and terror.


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