If what Senan Maloney Wrote here, is Factual, it Turns this Cold Case, back to the Begining; Somebody has being Talking, to the Cold Case Cops?

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EXCLUSIVE Gardaí probe new claims that Ian Bailey had met Sophie Toscan du Plantier prior to her murder

Suspect denies ever knowing victim but fresh statements allege he may have dined with her and met her on ferry

Murder victim Sophie Toscan du Plantier. Photo: AFP Photo/Patrick Zimmermann/AFP Photo via Getty Images
Ian Bailey. Photo: Mark Condren

Murder victim Sophie Toscan du Plantier

August 06 2022 02:30 AM

Gardaí have new information purporting to show that self-admitted suspect Ian Bailey knew Sophie Toscan du Plantier before her murder – and allegedly may even have dined with her.

A new garda statement, taken by detectives in recent weeks, asserts that Mr Bailey admitted he was familiar with Ms Toscan du Plantier, but allegedly then added: “I don’t want the cops to know that.”

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