This Brilliant Piece of Wisdom, Experience, was Written, in 2007, it really Applies to the Present, Social Situation, in Ireland? Drugs, Anxiety, and how to Cope?

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People and shortcomings. It could be anxiety, or too drink too much

 Tuesday November 20, 2007 01:43 – Social Justice and Ethics 

It could me social anxiety disorder, or severe depression

Addiction, Fear, Shyness, drug take and why, those who stand back absorbed in shyness, those who will not participate at school – the student who hates reading out, the student hates going to school, the student who could be helped if only someone knew……….In England people had mentors….and personally I think this is a great idea. Shy children often hide deep dark talents which are lost in a curriculum that is in fact destroying their life changes.

But most of all, let there be an awareness, that we are not trapped in a route of alcohol dependance or drug addictions…….There are places to attend. For instance, there is a place in the Mater for Social Anxiety and it is worth interacting with same. You can always find references to other places.

Date: Sunday, July 09, 2006 5:55 PM

I first published this in 2006 but I decided to make a view amendments and put it on Watchers 2022

Social Anxiety Disorder.
Personally, I came across this at a an Aware monthly lecture given by Mr. O’Donoghue (Dr), Consultant Psychiatrist. Until this time, I had thought about depression and anxiety as a combined force and precipitating events as significant factors that can prempt depression.

When I was young social anxiety was about being awkward and shy in social situations. This became particularly relevant in teenage years.
Nothing I suppose has really changed in thirty years except for acknowledgement and empowerment. But no doubt shy and mild mannered people still have their battles with social situations.

The Mater Hospital Group run a Social Anxiety Group. It was by chance I found out about it while scrolling tne net……in search of an answer for a friend…..

First page gives a few quotations:-

I pass this one on…..’For me Social Anxiety is the excessive Fear, Dread, and nervous experience in relationships with other people. Especially people in authority and people I don’t know very well. It effects my self esteem, my self confidence. I feel very conscious and don’t feel at ease in social situations’

This was me and I weaved my way through work that would be more servile in character, to avoiding social occasions using the excuse to work overtime, to getting married and playing a shadow role…..I was brought to an abrupt end with a horse riding fall, a skull fracture and sensory impairments, activating bipolar and then intense anxiety…..this was worsened by divorc from a 15 year marriage I have had lots of time to mull this together and reckon that anyone with Social Anxiety problems should address rather than embrace over-work; alcohol; drugs.

Another quote from their page ‘Feeling different to other people when I’m around them’.

What a driving factor in my submissive behaviour pre-accident!

Now I would pass on the wisdom I learnt…..If I am different….well, why not!!!!

The website is

The Mater is very central to a considerable number of people and perhaps a model could be developed for the secondary schools in Ireland. A chatroom exists. It is worth looking at Social anxiety disorder particular if you have a family of children, the problems relating to anxiety are best dealt with early by people with the necessary education and experience.

Bacon ‘Readeth maketh the full man’

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