This is another Scandal; the Gardai, Who Dumped a Squad Car, at the Airport, should be Fucked out, of the Force, this could not possibly happen in lazy auld Ireland?

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Garda who left car at Dublin Airport is ‘given slap on wrist’

7th August 2022

The garda who abandoned an unmarked squad car at Dublin Airport while he went on holidays with colleagues has been disciplined by the force.

The Sunday Independent revealed last week that a group of gardaí based in Waterford travelled to the airport in the vehicle while they flew out for a non-work trip. 

It is now understood that the garda who drove the squad car, a mid-ranking officer, has been put back on uniform duties following an internal probe.

Sources say he was penalised under disciplinary regulation 10, which is considered a minor infraction. “Essentially, all he got was an informal slap on the wrist,” a source said.

When contacted, Garda Headquarters declined to comment on the sanctions issued, saying it does not comment on an internal disciplinary matter.

The bizarre incident left airport police “scratching their heads” and sparked two separate investigations.

The unmarked car, which is attached to a specialist unit in the Waterford garda division, was driven by the officer in the company of other members to Dublin Airport.

It was then left in the vicinity of the airport while the gardaí flew out on holiday.

Gardaí are allowed to leave official cars within assigned areas at Dublin Airport when flying out on official business. In these instances there is an agreement that the car keys are handed in to Dublin Airport garda station so the cars can be moved or reassigned when necessary.

In this case the car was not driven to the airport in an official capacity and the car keys were not handed in.

Instead the car was “essentially abandoned” outside the airport, according to one source.

It is understood that after a couple of days, airport police raised concerns about the vehicle, and indicated it should be towed.

After officials were notified, An Garda Síochána launched an investigation and the vehicle was removed.

While there is “no particular shortage of garda cars” at present, the incident is still “unacceptable”, a source linked to Garda HQ said.

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