Kerrigan, Bullied, but no need to Forge the Prescription?

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‘Bullied’ worker used forged prescription for Solpadeine

15th August 2022

A MAN who used a forged prescription to get Solpadeine 11 times at a pharmacy had become addicted to the tablets after being bullied at work.

Anthony Kerrigan (40) was caught when the pharmacist became suspicious of the script and called the doctor, who said he had not written it.

Judge Bryan Smyth applied the Probation Act, sparing him a criminal record.

Kerrigan, with an address at Leo Avenue, Dublin 7 admitted using a false prescription at Dorset Street in Dublin between November 2019 and July 2020.

Dublin District Court heard he went to the same pharmacy 11 times to purchase solpadeine tablets with a hospital prescription.

Kerrigan was given the tablets 10 times, but on the 11th occasion, the pharmacist refused to accept the prescription. 

The doctor whose signature was on it was contacted and he said he had not issued it and it was not his signature. The gardaí were then contacted, the court heard.

It was a “sad situation” where Kerrigan was subjected to bullying at work, he felt it was not dealt with properly by his employer and he was under stress, defence barrister John Griffin said.

He was taking the over-the-counter medication when the pharmacist became suspicious and questioned him about his need for it, Mr Griffin said.

The accused then used the forged prescriptions.

Kerrigan co-operated fully with the investigation

Mr Griffin said he did not believe Kerrigan would come before the court again.

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