Bailey keeps on Going, now Bailey will make a Speech to the People of Ireland, France, and the World?

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Ian Bailey looks for help to make his own podcast called ‘Ian Bailey: In His Words’

17th August 2022

Former murder suspect Ian Bailey is hoping to launch his own podcast.

© .Ian Bailey in West Cork

The 64-year-old – who was the chief suspect in the murder of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier – revealed on his social media he was looking to find an experience podcaster to help him with his new venture.

He said he wants to call the five-part series, Ian Bailey In His Own Words.

He said: “Hi I am seeking the assistance of an experienced podcaster to assist me with my own five-part podcast Ian Bailey In His Own Words. Email”

It comes just weeks after it was revealed the former UK journalist was flogging t-shirts with an image of himself on them for €20 a pop.

The t-shirts display an image of Bailey and the Irish version of ‘Yes we can’ underneath, which was made famous by Barack Obama during his presidential campaign.

He said at the time he would use the money he makes from the clothing line to pay to fund the podcast.

He said at the time: “I am trying to be creative and get on with my own podcast. I’m trying to make the money I need to make the podcast.

“I am making slow progress with that, but that’s just the way of productions.

“The podcast is going to be under the working title of ‘Ian Bailey in his own words’. Basically, I’m going to go through everything from day one and address everything false that’s been said and have my say.”

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