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New images show torched getaway car left by train track after James ‘Mago’ Gately hit attempt

Hutch associate Gately narrowly escaped with hit life after being shot at close range in May 2017

Caolan Smyth
Caolan Smyth
The car was abandoned beside the railway line. Photo: Barry Cummins, Twitter
The car was abandoned beside the railway line. Photo: Barry Cummins, Twitter
The burnt out Lexus. Photo: Barry Cummins, Twitter
The burnt out Lexus. Photo: Barry Cummins, Twitter
James 'Mago' Gately
James ‘Mago’ Gately
Martin Aylmer
Martin Aylmer
Caolan Smyth
Caolan Smyth
The car was abandoned beside the railway line. Photo: Barry Cummins, Twitter
The car was abandoned beside the railway line. Photo: Barry Cummins, Twitter

17th August 2022

These images show the burnt out stolen Lexus abandoned after being used in the attempted murder of James ‘Mago’ Gately at the height of the Htuch-Kinahan feud..

The dramatic photographs were posted on Twitter by RTE’s Security Correspondent Barry Cummins .

They show the burnt-out car abandoned beside the Co Louth rail track in May 2017.

RTE broadcaster Cummins writes: “Exclusive images – May 2017 – burnt out stolen Lexus along Co. Louth railtrack, shortly after used in attempted murder of James Gately in Dublin.

“The gunman Caolan Smyth lost appeal against conviction last month – crime solved by ⁦@gardainfo⁩ officers headquartered Ballymun.”

Hutch associate Gately had been warned in 2016 by gardaí of a threat to his life from criminals who believed him to be involved in the Regency Hotel murder of Kinahan Cartel associate David Byrne in February 2016.

In May 2017, he survived being shot five times as he sat in his car at a Topaz petrol station on the Clonshaugh Road in north Dublin.

Four of the shots hit a bullet proof vest Gately was wearing while one struck him in the jaw.

He received treatment from an off-duty nurse at the scene and lived to tell the tale.

Kinahan gunman Caolan Smyth had Gately under surveillance before carrying out the shooting.

He had links to senior figures in the Kinahan cartel and was also involved in separate feud in Coolock and surrounding areas.

The burnt out Lexus. Photo: Barry Cummins, Twitter
The burnt out Lexus. Photo: Barry Cummins, Twitter

Smyth was himself the target of a murder plot by associates of Sean Little who was shot dead as part of that feud.

Little’s associates blamed Smyth for the shooting.

Smyth was sentenced to 20 years for the hit attempt in February of last year and shouted “five World Cups and I’ll be out” at his sentence hearing.

This was just one of two Kinahan cartel plots to murder Gately.

In March, Martin Aylmer (35), with an address at Casino Park, Marino, Dublin 3, became the eighth person to be sentenced in connection with an attempt to kill him.

Gardai put in place a surveillance operation and uncovered the murder plan in which the would-be assassins used tracking devices to follow Gately and brought in an Estonian hitman named Imre Arakas to carry out the actual murder.

Arakas (63) was jailed by the Special Criminal Court for six years in December 2018 after he admitted to conspiring with others to murder Gately in Northern Ireland between April 3 and 4, 2017.

Gardai were watching Arakas from the moment he arrived in Dublin on April 2.

In February 2022, Dublin man Douglas Glynn (37) from Fitzgibbon Court, Dublin 1, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years behind bars at the Special Criminal Court after the court heard he put a tracker on Gately’s car.

Glynn was part of the April 2017 plot along with a number of other men including Arakas, Peader Keating, David Duffy and Stephen Fowler.

James 'Mago' Gately
James ‘Mago’ Gately

Sentencing Douglas Glynn at the non-jury court, presiding judge Mr Justice Tony Hunt said the three judges were satisfied that the management and planting of the tracking device by Glynn placed him “higher” in the criminal organisation than his co-accused David Duffy and Stephen Fowler.

The court noted that the criminal organisation which Glynn had assisted is particularly serious, well organised and well financed.

Glynn has 16 previous convictions mostly for minor road offences. He has one conviction for possession of drugs for sale and supply.

Glynn had initially pleaded not guilty to involvement in the plot but changed his plea last year.

Arakas was the first to be jailed over the plots when he was sentenced to six years behind bars after pleading guilty to conspiring with other to murder Gately in Northern Ireland between April 3rd and April 4th, 2017.

Arakas had been contracted by the Kinahan cartel to carry out the shooting and boasted in messages that he would take out Gately with “one shot in the head”.

He had bought a wig in Dublin and a used encrypted Blackberry phone to receive information about the movements and location of Gately.

He also requested a silencer for the job.

He was to be paid a five-figure sum for carrying out the hit.

Stephen Fowler (62) was sentenced to six years and nine months with 15 months suspended at the Special Criminal Court last October for his “logistical” involvement in the murder plot between December 7, 2016, and April 4, 2017.

The court previously heard that Fowler had taken responsibility for a debt associated with his son Eric Fowler (34), who was shot dead in his driveway at Blakestown Cottages in December 2018.

Fowler was under surveillance when he picked up Arakas outside Barry’s Hotel in Dublin and brought him to his home at Blakestown Cottages on April 3, 2016.

He was arrested with Arakas the following day.

Clondalkin gangster Peadar Keating was the main Irish based criminal directing the plot on the ground.

In September last year he was jailed for 11 years for directing the crime group in the plot.

Martin Aylmer
Martin Aylmer

Mr Justice Tony Hunt said that Keating, of Rowlagh Green, Clondalkin, Dublin, was a “senior figure” for the Kinahan Organised Crime Group, which he described as being a “well-organised, complex, sinister and dangerous organisation”.

He was spotted in the vicinity of Gately’s apartment complex in Belfast in the days before Arakas arrived into Ireland first checking CCTV cameras before returning a second time when a tracking device was placed on Gately’s car by Glynn.

Another tracking device had been placed on a vehicle belonging to a relative of Gately.

Keating has close links to senior Kinahan cartel figure Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh who is currently in prison in the UK as he awaits sentencing over his operation smuggling over €45m worth of cannabis and cocaine.

He was also the brother-in-law of Kinahan money launderer Jason Carroll who was shot dead in 2013.

David ‘Blinky’ Duffy, who was recruited into the plot by Keating, was sentenced to five years last July for his involvement in the plot.

Duffy, from Greenfort Lawns in Clondalkin, booked flights for Arakas, sourced a vehicle used by the gang and sourced a tracking device placed on Gately’s car.

He was also involved in planned cleaning of a car of fingerprints, has a pack of SIM cards intended for use in burner phones and he was in “frequent” contact with Keating over the plot.

When the Arakas plot on Gately’s life was foiled by gardai, the cartel wasted no time in arranging another plot.

Caolan Smyth
Caolan Smyth

Gary McAreavey, who was not a gang member, was sentenced to three years for helping Smyth burn out the getaway vehicle after the attempt on Gately’s life.

McAreavey (53) of Gort Nua, Station Road, Castlebellingham, Co Louth, had pleaded not guilty to acting to impede an apprehension or prosecution by purchasing petrol and assisting in the burning out of the vehicle, a black Lexus, used in the attempted murder at Newrath, Dromiskin, Co Louth on the same day as the shooting.

The court heard he only bought the petrol used to burn out the vehicle after Smyth contacted him after the shooting.

The court said there was insufficient evidence to conclude that he knew Caolan Smyth had committed the specific offence of attempted murder.

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