Shine, paedophile, began his career in Scotland; it is hard to believe that he was doctor to Celtic for six months in his early career. We now know that for decades he abused children at the hospital in Drogheda and he was the darling of the nuns in charge. In the early years when whispers of his abuse were rumbling, they were dismissed as idle gossip and lies. The whistleblower suffered for years. Then along came good people who sat down and made a plan to take Shine to Justice and protect themselves. We must never forget that Shine was protected within Govt, high ranking Gardai who were his patients at that time, and the Church. Shine is a very wealthy man, owning properties and who has a pension of over 135,000 e. With the highest of respect I want to say to Justice Kennedy who stated that Shine is frail both mentally and physically; let me put the record straight he is driving around every day (in his mercedes) since his prison release; he shops daily in Baggot Street and he attends mass daily also. We must always remember that in the documentary in 2009 by RTE he was rumbled by going to an Indian orphanage where he was a sponsor of young children. We presume this is stopped now. He never will show remorse sadly.

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DPP will not prosecute 25 further Michael Shine cases

Updated / Thursday, 18 Aug 2022 20:18

The Director for Public Prosecutions will not proceed with 25 new cases relating to retired surgeon Michael Shine
The Director for Public Prosecutions will no

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