Who are you, I had my Bike Stolen, your the Victim, Fuck off, the Bike Thief, has Rights, Alright?

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Navan mum baffled as GDPR rules prevent security from revealing identify of bike thief

‘It means that people are certain they know who stole my bike but legally they cannot tell me’

The stolen Escaper bike
The stolen Escaper bike

Gerry HandSunday World

22nd August 2022

Bizarre GDPR rules are allowing a thief get away with a cruel hearted robbery as they are preventing security staff from telling a single mum who snatched her bicycle from outside a shopping centre even though they are confident they know who the culprit is.

Kerry Barratt’s Escaper bike was stolen from Navan town centre in County Meath, as she shopped for her sons school uniform at around 3 pm last Tuesday.

Kerry from Nangle Court told the Sunday World of the saga that followed.

The stolen Escaper bike
The stolen Escaper bike

‘First of all I spoke to one of the security guards who was extremely helpful but when I asked him would he view the CCTV footage he told me he had to get Garda permission to do so as that was the rule under GDPR.

‘I went straight round to the Garda station and spoke with a Ban Garda who gave me the go ahead for him to look at it and I went back and told him.

‘In the meantime my dad came down and drove me around for a while hoping we might spot the bike but we had no luck.

‘The following day the management and security staff of the centre very kindly rang me and told me they could identify the thief by their clothing but were precluded from telling me who it was because of GDPR.

‘Apparently they were entitled to and have told the Gardai, but the feeling there was that the ID wasn’t clear.

‘One way or another I am still without any transport four days later but the whole thing seems bizarre to me.

‘It means that people are certain they know who stole my bike but legally they cannot tell me.

‘It’s a huge inconvenience as I sold my car three years ago to try and do my bit for the environment and now I am left without a pedal to push.

‘What’s even more frustrating is that I have rang the Garda station dozens of times and sent loads of emails asking them if there have been any developments but nobody answered the phone or replied to my emails.

‘So those who should be helping me seem to be doing nothing and those who want to help me can’t.

‘You couldn’t make it up.’

A source in the security industry said, ‘The GDPR rules are over the top.

‘Security guards are being completely hamstrung in doing their job.’

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