Women, Should be, very Careful, Safety should be a priority; Byrne is one, Dangerous Rapist? Now he is back in Ireland?

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Gardai on high alert as one of Ireland’s most dangerous rapists on the run from cops

  • 8:00, 21 Aug 2022

ONE of Ireland’s most dangerous rapists is on the run from Gardai, The Irish Sun on ­Sunday can reveal.

Sex fiend Trevor Byrne — classified by UK cops as at a “very high risk of reoffending” — has gone to ground after breaching the Sex Offenders Act.

Rapist Trevor Byrne, 44, is on the run from Gardai
Rapist Trevor Byrne, 44, is on the run from Gardai

Under the conditions of his release, perv Byrne, 44, has to give details of his address to Gardai when living in Ireland.

But the address he gave turned out to be a property that no longer existed.

A source told The Irish Sun on Sunday: “Byrne used an address in the north inner city area of Dublin and it was one that he had used for previous court appearances.

“But it was later established that the ­property wasn’t there anymore due to redevelopment.”

An alert has been sent to Interpol and all Garda ­stations outlining how the monster — who also goes by the name of Keith Russell — is wanted.

If convicted of this latest breach of his release conditions, Byrne — who now has a beard and has grown his hair — could be sent to jail.

Byrne has proven elusive before.

When he was living in the Manchester area in 2017 he failed to inform the English authorities of his whereabouts four times in one year.

On one occasion when he fled, UK cops outlined how he “poses a serious risk to all females who encounter him”.

Evil Byrne was jailed for 15 years for raping a teenage girl in November 1993.

And in 2005, within just 36 hours of being released, he attacked a Filipino woman. He then got a five-year jail term but was freed in 2009.

He then attacked a French woman in September 2009 and received a six-year term for that crime

He was freed in 2013 and moved to the UK before returning briefly to Ireland in 2017.

Byrne was then sent back to the UK for breaching the conditions of his release and only returned to Ireland recently.

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