Boy, very Lucky, not to be Seriously Injured, this Driver, Thug, needs to be Caught, Urgently?

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Boy thrown off wooden bridge in Clontarf after alleged confrontation with motorist

The alleged incident happened at the wooden bridge leading to the north Bull Wall at Dollymount

The alleged incident happened at the wooden bridge leading to the north Bull Wall at Dollymount

Tony McCullagh

August 22 2022 11:42 AM

Gardaí in Clontarf are investigating reports that a boy was thrown from the wooden bridge on Bull Wall during an alleged confrontation with a motorist.

In a social media post, Love Clontarf – a local business and residents’ group – claimed the young victim was “intimidated and thrown over the railings” by a man who was driving across the bridge at the time.

The boy was said to be uninjured but shaken after the incident, which occurred at around 4pm on Sunday, August 14.

Gardaí confirmed they are making inquiries into reports of an incident on the wooden bridge in Dollymount.

“There are no reports of injuries at this time,” a spokesperson said.

Councillor Donna Cooney (GP) described the incident as “shocking” and said she would be asking the superintendent in Clontarf for an update on the garda investigation.

“From what I have heard, there was a bit of messing going on with a group of young people and some cars got seaweed on them,” she said.

“There is no suggestion that this child was involved with that, but no amount of provocation justifies picking up a minor and throwing them over a bridge.

“This boy could have been seriously injured or even killed. I would urge anyone who witnessed the incident or has dashcam footage to contact gardaí in Clontarf.”

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