Putin and his cohort … an opposition to dictatorship will always arise. There is voice now from the Russian opposition “NRA” National Republican Army. Tweets we need to engage with if we don’t support Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine.

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René Bourcier      


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This is the Russia I expect since years, the Russia I’m eager to live with. I stand with Ilya Ponomarev, I stand with NRA. Thanks to them, go for victory.



Lew Anno Yieretz Israel


”the explosion on Saturday evening was the work of the National Republican Army ( NRA ) which he claimed was an underground group working inside Russia and dedicated to overthrowing the Putin regime.” #Kreml #NRA #FckPutin


Ex-Russian MP claims Russian partisans responsible for Moscow car bomb

Speaking in Kyiv, Ilya Ponomarev alleges that bomb that killed daughter of Putin ally was work of underground group



What is Russia’s anti-Putin “National Republican Army”?

The NRA purportedly said that its goal is to “overthrow” and “destroy Putin,” and warned Russian officials that if they do not resign, they will….


Marc Winterscheid


A NATIONAL REPUBLICAN ARMY IS CREATED IN RUSSIA „I, Ilya Ponomarev, support the actions of our comrades from the NRA.“ NRA fighters Manifesto: „Wherever you are – fight like us, fight with us, fight better than us! Let’s cleanse our Motherland from filth!“ #Dugin #NRA #Russia



Илья Пономарев / Ілля Пономарьов


НРА открыла второй фронт в тылу путинских фашистов. Больше ни один разжигатель, финансист или “волонтер” войны не в безопасности. Не в безопасности каратели из 64-й “гвардейской” бригады – палачи Бучи, и другие военные преступники. https://t.me/rospartizan/965 https://youtu.be/pofT8V8vytc


Jason Jay Smart


1 pm 23rd August 2022:

Russia Flag’s National Republican Army (NRA), views “war against Ukraine  as illegal. The NRA unequivocally and fully supports Ukrainian sovereignty, including for Crimea and the Donbas.” Ilya Ponomarev


tells the


in an EXCLUSIVE interview.


Exclusive interview: Russia’s NRA Begins Activism – KyivPost – Ukraine’s Global Voice

Of the 445 members of the Russian Duma (Parliament), Ilya Ponomarev was the only one to vote against the annexation… – Aug. 23, 2022. By


Chuck Pfarrer


ANTI PUTIN INSURGENTS: Today, Ilya Ponomarev


claimed that the National Republican Army (NRA), an armed dissident group within Russia, was responsible for the bombing that killed Darya Dugina. This is the manifesto of the NRA translated by Jason J Smart



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