Questions that must be Anwered, for the Sake of Politicial Common Decency, maybe Michael Martin, will Answer them, on Behalf of his Pet Puppy, Who can do, No Wrong, Right Barry??

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Questions Robert Troy must answer about his property interests

Junior minister Robert Troy has refused to answer a series of questions about his property interests and business dealings since the controversy over his declarations emerged.

Here are some remaining questions:  

How much income does he receive from Westmeath County Council under the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS)?

Did the minister have RAS contracts with the council when he was calling for the scheme to receive more State funding during Dáil debates?

Why was the minister seeking details under parliamentary questions about the number of people availing of the RAS and other housing schemes in his constituency earlier this year?

Does the minister believe it is appropriate for an elected representative to call for additional funding for a scheme from which they are receiving an income?

Separately, does he have any relationship through family or friendship with the person he was renting a room to under the Government’s Rent-a-Room scheme?

The minister said he sold a garden adjacent to a property he owned on the Rathdown Road in Dublin, does this relate to the development being currently built beside the property?

Does Mr Troy have any involvement in the development being built on the Rathdown Road?

Planning files showed he presented a letter to Dublin City Council stating he co-owned the land being developed. Is this still the case?

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