25th August 2022: Time to walk with Ukrainians, the day after Independence Day. Tweets give us an idea of the horrors of war and what invasion by Russian Federation on 24th February 2022 has caused to a sovereign people.

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Glasnost Gone


What is the end of the war for us? We used to say “Peace.” Now we say “Victory.” President of #Ukraine.

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The New York Times


“What is the end of the war for us? We used to say, ‘Peace.’ Now we say, ’Victory.’” In a defiant speech, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine congratulated his compatriots on the nation’s Independence Day and for resisting through six months of war. https://nyti.ms/3AjyULA


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Ursula von der Leyen


More than 200.000 tons of  agri produce have been exported via the Black Sea. That is encouraging. But the Kremlin’s war still threatens global food security. We continue to help boost exports from  At the same time, we invest in more resilient food systems worldwide.


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Oleksii Makeiev 




is calling on all EU and G7 countries #banrussiantourists. “A Russian tourist taking a smiling selfie at the Brandenburg Gate or the Eiffel Tower is most likely someone who also adores Putin and wants Europeans to freeze this winter”.

politico.eu Ukraine’s foreign minister: Shut the door on Russian tourists They must be deprived of the right to cross international borders until they learn to respect them.


Babel.ua: Ukraine at war


The Russian occupiers reported that the security system had tripped at the Zaporizhzhia NPP in Energodar, and the station had been reconnected.

babel.ua The Russian occupiers reported that the security system at the Zaporizhzhia NPP had been activated At the Zaporizhzhia NPP, the safety system was activated, the station was reconnected, and the restoration of power supply began


Babel.ua: Ukraine at war


The Air Forces: Yesterday, despite a large number of air alarms, no major missile activity was recorded, but a major aviation activity was recorded. About 200 flights during the day on August 24.

babel.ua The Air Forces: Russia simulated airstrikes many times on Ukraineʼs Independence Day Russia simulated strikes on the Independence Day, which is why there were so many air alerts ================

Ukrainian Action in Ireland


Our first Gaisce group on their two day journey to #Carlingford. 25km hike, high rope walking and kayaking…  Non of this would have been possible without our amazing partners




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