Taliban regime has been “death in slow motion” for Afghan women. Source: GZERO. Fred says please watch video.

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Taliban regime has been “death in slow motion” for Afghan women

August 24, 2022


Fawzia Koofi was a member of Afghan Parliament from 2005 until last year, when the Taliban swept back to power.

On GZERO World, Koofi describes her experience working as one of the only female voices at the table during the negotiations with the Taliban.

In the room, they promised Koofi that women would play an active role in Afghan society. They even hinted at an inclusive government.

But after one year in power, the militant group has yet to make good on any of their promises.

Girls must now end their education by 6th grade. The last remaining female university students must learn separately from their male counterparts before women are fazed out of higher education all together. The Taliban has also broken up women’s rights protests with gunfire.

Still, Koofi, who fled the country shortly after the takeover, says she remains hopeful that Afghanistan will one day have better leadership.

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