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Woman who stole a mop and duvet was with a person ‘better known to gardaí’

25th August 2022

A SHOPLIFTER ran from gardaí when they saw her leaving a store with a stolen mop and a duvet in a pram, a court heard.

Carol Donnelly (37) had never been in trouble before, but was with someone who was “better known to the gardaí” at the time.

Judge Bryan Smyth told her he would spare her a criminal record if she made a €200 charity donation.

Donnelly, of Baron’s Hall Park, Balbriggan, Co Dublin, pleaded guilty to theft, possession of a stolen spray mop and resisting arrest.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened last July 21. Gardaí on duty in the north city centre saw the accused run from Dunnes Stores on Henry Street with a pram holding a duvet.

She was stopped on Jervis Street and also had a stolen mop in her possession.

Donnelly had no previous convictions.

The accused was with someone who would have been better known to gardaí at the time she was arrested, her barrister Gareth Casey said.

The property was saleable and returned to the shop.

The garda said the accused “apologised to me on numerous occasions” after her arrest and was very easy to deal with.

The resisting arrest charge related to a “very short” chase.

Donnelly was deeply embarrassed, Mr Casey said.

The judge adjourned the case to a date next month and said he would leave her without convictions if she made a €200 donation to Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

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