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Suspected car thief who left nine-month-old baby at side of road was on bail at the time

Faussagh Road, where a nine-month-old child was left by a man who stole a family car with the infant still in the back seat. Photo: Mark Condren
Faussagh Road, where a nine-month-old child was left by a man who stole a family car with the infant still in the back seat. Photo: Mark Condren

26th August 2022

A man arrested in relation to the theft of a car with a baby in it was on bail at the time.

Gardaí investigating reports of an attempted burglary in the hours following the incident with the vehicle discovered €350,000 worth of cocaine on the kitchen table of a house.

The career criminal, who was later arrested on suspicion of stealing the car and over outstanding warrants, is based between the north inner city and Ballymun.

He previously served a lengthy sentence for heroin dealing after he was arrested in a garda operation in west Dublin in 2006.

It is understood that the suspect, who is aged 45, has been addicted to drugs for nearly 30 years and has consistently owed money to northside crime gangs.

He also has form for committing multiple burglaries while on bail.

The man was still being questioned last night following his arrest in north Dublin.

Sources told the Irish Independent that officers in Mountjoy garda station were confident of securing charges in relation to Sunday’s incident in Cabra, Dublin.

St Attracta Road in Cabra West is a mature residential suburb in the north of Dublin city, where the neat houses loop around in a long horseshoe either side of the narrow road.

A young couple had just strapped their nine-month-old infant daughter into the baby seat in their Skoda car and left her for a moment along with their seven-year-old son in the back.

However, as they were just about to return to their car, the older child ran back into the house in a panic.

A man had jumped into the driver’s seat and stolen the car with the infant still in the back.

The older child had managed to escape.

The young parents watched in horror as their car was driven away towards Faussagh Road.

A relative told how the sequence of events happened, and of the sheer panic they caused.

“The parents were frantic, and as the car sped away they ran down the road after it,” the relative said.

“There was a learner driver on the road who saw the commotion and got the parents to get into her car and they followed the man who had stolen it.

“But they didn’t know which way he went and it took a while to catch up.

“He went through a red light somewhere and they eventually ended up in the Phoenix Park where the car sped up and went flying over the speed ramps. The learner driver couldn’t keep up.”

Frantic phone calls had been made and gardaí were alerted, but the situation was evolving so quickly that the fear and panic continued.

“The young parents were terrified for their baby daughter and thought she was still in the car, but then the young mother got a phone call to say the baby had been found back on Faussagh Road opposite a group of shops,” the relative said.

It is believed the car thief had realised there was a baby in the car moments after driving away.

However, rather than pull in and abandon the vehicle to ensure the safety of the baby, he stopped, unstrapped the infant from her seat and abandoned her on the path.

“The baby girl was left on the path and crying,” the relative said.

Faussagh Road is a busy main road that links Phibsboro to Cabra West, with a constant stream of traffic.

The baby, who is believed to be able to crawl, was left a short distance from the kerb.

Neighbours on Faussagh Road told of their shock at seeing the child taken from the stolen car and put on the pavement.

One resident said: “There were three women chatting on the path and the next thing the car pulled up and the man just got out and took the infant from the back of the car and just left it down on the path and sped away.

“They couldn’t believe what happened and ran to the child to mind it. The next thing there was gardaí and an ambulance at the scene and a lot of commotion.

“Nobody knew for sure what was going on. It was just an awful thing to happen.”

The suspect was arrested in the early hours of yesterday by gardaí who were investigating reports of an attempted aggravated burglary.

In a bizarre twist, the Irish Independentcan reveal that officers responding to the incident discovered five kilos of cocaine with an estimated street value of €350,000 on a kitchen table.

It is understood that a neighbour made an emergency call about the attempted break-in in the Ballymun home and it took gardaí several minutes to respond.

“The suspect had fled by the time gardaí responded to that call, but when they entered the property they discovered the massive cocaine haul,” a source said.

“The front door had been put in and there were reports of intruders, but when the gardaí arrived there was no one there, but there was a hell of a lot of drugs.

“The suspect was arrested a short time later at a separate location on the northside of the capital in the car that had been stolen with the baby in Cabra.”

The man is now in custody at Mountjoy garda station where he was being questioned about the car theft after being earlier detained over outstanding bench warrants for more minor offences.

It is understood the suspect is not the controller of the massive drugs haul that was seized and has not yet been questioned about it.

“He is in big trouble on many fronts,” a source said.

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