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Dublin man charged with harassing barrister for years ordered not to contact her

In evidence, Garda Dave Chapman said the accused replied “not guilty” when he was charged at the Bridewell station.

Eoghan Peavoy
Eoghan Peavo

25th August 2022

A Dublin man accused of harassing a barrister for more than three years has been barred from contacting her and ordered to stay away from the Law Library and the Four Courts.

Eoghan Peavoy, 50, of Brackenwood Avenue, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, was charged with harassment of the woman from January 8, 2019, until August 23, 2022.

The offence is under Section 10 of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act.

He appeared before Judge Patricia Cronin at Dublin District Court.

In evidence, Garda Dave Chapman said the accused replied “not guilty” when he was charged at the Bridewell Station.

The Director of Public Prosecutions directed summary disposal in the District Court “on a guilty plea only”. Otherwise, it would have to be sent to the Circuit Court, which has broader sentencing powers.

Garda Chapman objected to bail because the accused might interfere with or attempt to contact the alleged injured party.

Questioned by defence solicitor Brian Keenan, however, he agreed there was no evidence of that happening.

He acknowledged that he had been dealing with Mr Peavoy for several months. Furthermore, he accepted that the accused had significant mental health difficulties and had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

The solicitor said his client had been an inpatient in hospitals in the UK and Ireland but was let down by “a revolving door” system.

Mr Keenan added that his client was willing to stay away from the complainant, who did not have to attend the hearing.

Garda Chapman asked for conditions if the court was granting bail.

He said that the accused should have no contact of any type with the complainant, adding it was alleged every time she blocked his email address, the accused “creates another one”.

Judge Cronin granted bail on his bond of €250 and imposed a range of terms sought by the investigating officer.

She told Mr Peavoy to have no direct or indirect contact with the woman, including by social media, email, or by post, hand delivery or courier at the Law Library and the Four Courts.

She ordered him not to set up new email addresses, and to follow advice of medical professionals.

The solicitor said there was “quite a bit of disclosure in this case” to be handed over by gardai. However, he also said his client was willing to comply with the conditions.

The defendant, who did not address the court, will appear again in October for a trial venue decision and to indicate a plea.

In the District Court, the offence can, on conviction, result in a 12-month sentence, but the offence carries a possible maximum seven-year term of imprisonment at Circuit Court level.

Legal aid was granted after the judge noted the accused was on a disability allowance.

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