Ireland and politicians are sleepwalking the people of Ireland into a darkness we have never experienced. Heat, Food, Oil, War are on our door step. Hungary may have said No to EU and negotiated their gas deal (and Russia involvement in nuclear station construction) but we are sitting on our hands. We need storage urgently for oil; we need what Leo aims to put in place for LNG in Shannon area. 30% quota for gas from Shell Corrib is running out soon and the fact is then we are 100% reliant on our neighbour the UK for oil/gas. Read article by Ralph Riegel, October 2021. We need to be informed, we need provisions, we need to stop haggling about Peat, we will need it. Search on this site.

Posted by

Chay Bowes 


28th August 2022

The gutless #Irish Government has lost sovereignty. They are not telling the Public the truth about the scale of the Social crisis that awaits us this #winter They will blindly follow their #EU masters into the abyss, destroy our economy, our livelihoods because they are told to


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