Simple Innocent Irish Question, if a Man is born with a pair of Balls, how can, he Claim to be Female, is it a Celeb Status, trying to Understand?

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Trans and Intersex Pride protest held at Mediahuis offices

28th August 2022

AROUND 100 people gathered in a Trans and Intersex Pride protest outside the Mediahuis Ireland offices on Talbot Street in central Dublin this afternoon

The protest outside Independent House was called in response to what the group claims was “an increase in negative media attention towards trans people”.

Trans and Intersex Pride Dublin organised the protest which kicked off at 12pm and finished about an hour later. 

Gardaí were present but the gathering remained peaceful for its entirety. 

Attendees held signs saying “trans rights are human rights” and “feminism includes all genders” as five speakers addressed the crowd. 

Co-founder of Trans & Intersex Pride Dublin Ollie Bell said the group has “had enough of the media attacks on trans people in the Irish media” and that the publication should be focusing on other crises.

“Why aren’t the real issues being talked about? The rise in anti-LGBTQ+ violence, the dire state of healthcare in Ireland, and the barbaric practice of inter-sex genital mutilation happening in our hospitals, these are issues that should be given a platform.

“These so-called debates around trans people and our rights have no place in Ireland or anywhere, but it’s no surprise that the Irish media would rather create a fabricated culture war.”

At the end of their speech, Bell thanked everyone who attended the protest but said it was disappointing some organisations didn’t stand in solidarity with them.  

“It is disappointing that some prominent LGBT organisations that were at Trans & Intersex pride Dublin 2022 aren’t here because they are not going to publicly endorse the march.

“You can’t show up to our march in July, wave your flags and banners, and not be here when it really matters.”

A speech that was written by Vik, a member of Trans Waterford, was read out at the protest.

They said they wish editors and writers at the Irish Independent were held to the same standards as those that write academic journal articles. 

“I am a scientist, I have been rigorously trained in communicating fact,” said the speech which was read to the gathering.

“In my field editors, publishers and readers will pounce on any failure of error, how I wish that journalists and editors at the Irish Independent were held to the same standards.”

Speaking to the crowd, Simon Murphy from The Emerald Warriors, Ireland’s first LGBTQ+ inclusive rugby club, said the IRFU’s recent ban on transgender women in female contact competitions “goes against everything” they stand for as a club. 

He said the media coverage of the issue “just focused on the stuff that people would read”. 

“We want the IRFU to revert to a case-by-case basis, which was working, but in the ban itself, there was no conversation or involvement with trans women,” he said. 

“The science is there but they are focusing on the wrong group, and none of that information was broadcast, none of that information was published.” 

A Mediahuis Ireland spokesperson said: “Mediahuis Ireland believes in the fundamental right to equality for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“We believe in the right to freedom of expression, including the right to peaceful protest,” they added.

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