The Face of Pure Evil, Craven, how he Fooled, so many, in RTE for Years, Caught, by the Paedophile Hunter, in England?

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Paedophile Kieran Creavan working in prison’s Braille workshop

The former RTE producer was moved to Arbour Hill prison over bullying issues

A police picture of Kieran Creaven
A police picture of Kieran Creaven

Paedophile Kieran Creavan has a new prison job working alongside killer David Lawlor – in the Braille workshop.

The former RTE Sport producer was allocated the task after being moved from the Midlands Prison to Arbour Hill in Dublin over bullying issues. Creaven, 60, who was jailed last December for sexually abusing and exploiting kids, had been housed with child rapists Michael McCarville and Seamus Marley.

He now shares the same prison block as Ireland’s longest serving prisoner, serial killer John Shaw, and sex beast Simon McGinley who raped a pensioner.

A source said Creaven is keeping his head down at work learning how to produce books and periodicals for the blind. The source told the Irish Sunday Mirror: “As well as making books it is the only place in Ireland that fixes Braille machines. The skills learned can help inmates get employment once they are released. Creaven seems to be enjoying it and it fills up his day.

“The days can feel very long if you are not doing anything.”

Creaven was given a 10-year sentence last December after he admitted sexually abusing and exploiting kids in Dublin, the UK and the Philippines.

His offences were carried out over a 10-year period until he was arrested in Leeds, England, in 2017. Among his victims were a 13-year-old and another who was in the care of the Child and Family Agency, Tusla.

Videos showed Creaven sexually assaulting a girl between 10 and 12 years in the Philippines with a baby under the age of one lying on the same bed as the abuse victim. At one point Creaven could be heard saying: “Oh God, she is beautiful.”

At sentencing Judge Melanie Greally said Creaven engaged in behaviour that was “degrading in the extreme” for his vulnerable victims, who were in some cases being abused for commercial gain.

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