Ukraine LIVE: British special forces teaching Zelensky’s forces ‘French resistance’ tactic. Source: SUNDAY EXPRESS

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Ukraine LIVE: British special forces teaching Zelensky’s forces ‘French resistance’ tactic

BRITISH special forces are training Ukrainian soldiers using the “French resistance” tactic.

By Cally BrooksJon King

17:47, Sun, Aug 28, 2022 | UPDATED: 17:48, Sun, Aug 28, 2022

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Trained operatives who were positioned in occupied territory in Ukraine came up with a new strategy as Putin’s army outmanned the Ukrainian military.

A network of partisans were activated in late July, following in the footsteps of Ukraine’s elite Special Operations Forces who stepped up missions in occupied territories.

Recent attacks have forced Putin’s army to spend time and resources defending their rear bases.

In occupied territories like Melitopol, partisans in recent weeks have been setting off small explosions, including the bombing of a car driven by a Ukrainian collaborator, according to reports.

A retired British special forces soldier that has trained Ukrainians told the Financial Times: “That’s what the French resistance did — softening targets and infrastructure.”


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