Who Gave Bailey, this Information, Aliens?

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When Sinéad O’Connor met Ian Bailey — ‘No one thinks I killed her anymore’

Ian Bailey says ‘alien DNA’ was found on Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s body as he points at ‘viable suspect’

28th August 2022

Ian Bailey has claimed “alien DNA” that could belong to the killer was discovered on the body of French film producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

The former chief suspect for the 1996 murder said DNA which does not belong to him was found on the mum-of-one’s body.

Speaking on the Opinion You Didn’t Ask For podcast Bailey, 65, said he hoped the Garda Serious Crime Review Team will be able to link it to the perpetrator.

He said: “There was alien DNA, that is to say not the victim’s DNA and certainly not mine, found on part of her body, on part of her clothing, a shoe.

“There is a viable suspect… and really all it would need is for that person to be visited and a DNA sample taken and tested against the DNA that was found on her shoe.

“They are still alive, apparently there is cooperation. The French authorities are now apparently cooperating with the Irish authorities.”

Mr Bailey, who was convicted in absentia in Paris of Ms du Plantier’s murder, denies any involvement in her death.

He also said he has not been contacted by the Garda team which started a fresh probe into the case.

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